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Terms and Conditions

Booking Fab Discos


 A non-refundable booking fee/deposit is required at the time of booking.


If Fab Discos does not receive your deposit, Fab Discos reserve the right to cancel your event without any further notice. 


Failing to check date and time availability before paying your deposit will result in you losing your deposit.


The deposit is deducted from the original quote given.


All outstanding payments that Fab Discos does not receive prior to any event MUST be paid in full on the day/night of the event in cash on our arrival to your venue.


Bank Transfer and card payments must be paid 1 days prior to any event.


All payments that Fab Discos receive, the customer will receive a receipt as proof of payment which you must retain.


After an event has taken place no refunds will be given.


Having a high demand for our services, dates that are not set and confirmed at the time of quotation may be lost.


All bookings that are confirmed by the customer and deposit received your date will be held and you will receive a confirmation letter and invoice for our services.


Any incorrect dates that are given by the client/ persons named on the booking to Fab Discos, Fab Discos will not be held responsible and all deposit will be NON-refundable.


In the unfortunate event of the incorrect date of the proposed event given by the client or persons named on the booking, Fab Discos will do it's utmost to accommodate the client and change the event to the correct date if possible as dates are subject to availability.


If Fab Discos are unable to change the date of the event and accommodate the new date, Fab Discos will not be held responsible for the loss of date and time.


Please allow up to 3 working days for your confirmation to be received. 


For all events that take place outside of Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK there will be a travel charge added to the service that you require.


You will be told about this charge on your quote and it will show on your invoice.


For all events that take place above the ground floor, Fab Discos reserves the right to place a £50.00 charge on top of your original quote.




If you require cancelling any of Fab Discos services prior to any event you have booked, you will need to let us know as soon as possible before the event was due to take place. Booking fees/deposits are non-refundable after cancellation.


Any events that are cancelled and Fab Discos are not informed by the named persons who booked the event is fully liable for the full remaining outstanding balance to the cost of the event.


Fab Discos does not accept cancellations on the day of any event, therefore the outstanding balance will still be due on the day of the event.


Event Consultations


Fab Discos offer all events one free face to face consultation, this gives the customer the chance to go through all the relevant information for the event.


If you are unable to meet us at your chosen venue or home address you can arrange a time and date to have a conversation via phone.


Phone calls can only be arranged Monday-Friday.


Due to Fab Discos busy schedule consultations can only be arranged Monday - Thursday.


The consultation can be at your chosen venue, home address or at our business address.

Consultations can only be arranged 14 days prior to any event.


Payment Methods


Fab Discos can take payments over the phone by card, Bank Transfer, cash or via PayPal.


Failing to check date and time availability before paying your deposit will result in you losing your deposit.


Payment of remaining balance:


Cash Payments are accepted prior to any event, or upon arrival of your event.


Bank transfer, Paypal and card payments of the remaining balance are required 1 days prior to the event date.


We do not accept Cheque Payments.


Disco Rigs / Set Ups


For our arrival time please refer to your confirmation letter.


The size of disco will change from time to time, this is due to the size of the venue. 


Example: Customer would like a large 12ft disco rig and we arrive at the venue and we can only fit a 5ft disco rig then we have the right to set up a smaller disco rig.


Large 12ft disco rigs can only be booked into a venue with a stage that is large enough.


Small and medium disco rigs can be booked into venues without a stage.


Delivery of Equipment and Unloading 


All equipment will be delivered via a suitable vehicle – Van.

Only the staff of Fab Discos will be permitted to unload, carry and set up the equipment. 


Equipment will be unloaded and transferred to the room/venue via a wheeled trolley or carried by hand. 


If there is a suitable provision of a lift onto upper floors this will be utilised. 


Vehicle Parking 


Fab Discos require a suitable place to unload and load all equipment from the vehicle.


Once unloaded (and if necessary after installation) the vehicle used for delivery will need to be parked in a safe, legal, specified place within the venue grounds or in a secure car park area with the grounds of the venue, in accordance with our terms below:


Fab Discos will not park the vehicle (VAN) in illegal places or anywhere which could therefore place


Fab Discos Staff or members of the public at risk.


If Fab Discos arrive at your chosen venue where there is no parking available which is suitable, safe and legal to unload and load the equipment as well the vehicle safely parked throughout your event.


Fab Discos reserve the right to cancel your event due to health & safety concerns of our staff and the general public.


If your event, unfortunately, starts late due to insufficient safe and legal parking, the client will not be entitled to a discount or refund as Fab Discos have no control of the parking situation of your chosen venue or the surrounding areas.


If a venue has parking that requires payment the client will be charged for the time required to park.  


Access to the Venue 


We will require access to the venue 60 minutes prior to the start time for our services unless agreed otherwise with the venue or client. 


This is a requirement within our Terms and Conditions, which the client agrees to. 

Should a longer time to setup be required we will inform the client who must make arrangements with the venue. 


We require access to the performance area, which will not require ourselves to have to lift any equipment above chest height prior to commencing setting up. 


Any obstacles which can be moved (ie Tables, Chairs) must be cleared by the venue to allow easy access to our location.


Installation of Equipment 


All equipment used is temporary and no permanent alterations are required to any part of the venue. 


All we require will be two suitable electrical plug sockets either behind the setup of the equipment or close to the equipment. 


All cables are installed so where possible they are not accessible to any clients, guests or venue staff. 


Where this is not possible cables will be made safe by the use of rubber cable trunking or tape. 


Any equipment mounted at height is elevated using professional stands. 


Any tripod stands are positioned in a matter to prevent any trip hazards. 


During the installation and removal of equipment, the setup area and access to/from our vehicle is

to be made clear and obstacles removed where possible. 


Any gatherings by entrances/exits during this time must be discouraged. Removal of equipment commences as soon as the event has finished. 


For evening & night times functions where the event will finish after daylight, midnight or beyond, the route back to the vehicle needs to be well lit and safe due to the carriage of heavy equipment. 


Storage of Equipment on Site 


Once setup and excess equipment will be stored either in our vehicle or in the venue behind the setup where possible. 


There is no equipment which can be described as hazardous or toxic nor will we have cause to use such items. 


Storage areas will be used to not cause any hazard to clients, guests or venue staff. 


Risk Assessment 


A full risk assessment is available on request. 


Customer Awareness 


The client will be made aware of any potential risks or hazards when booking and announcements will be made at the beginning and throughout the event where necessary. 


These hazards are rare and minor and covered in the risk assessment 


Site Survey 


We do not usually require a site survey prior to arriving for an event. We will familiarise ourselves if necessary prior to unloading. 


Should a site survey be required by ourselves we will contact the venue to make necessary arrangements. 


First Aid 


We keep a small first aid kit within our vehicle for minor purposes. It is the responsibility of the venue to ensure provisions have been made and relevant first aid personnel are present as required by the HSE 


Any accidents will be reported in accordance with R.I.D.D.O.R 




 Any damage caused to Fab Discos equipment will result in the customer being liable for the cost of the equipment that is damaged. For example, spilt drinks, equipment being knocked over or in any situation Fab Discos equipment becomes damaged.


If in the result of any of Fab Discos equipment or property being stolen the named persons on the booking form and confirmation will be liable for the cost of replacing the missing items.


Other Terms of use


Any event that is to be found not the service that the customer was originally quoted for the customer is liable to pay the outstanding balance for the correct service with immediate effect.


For example, A customer asks for a quote concerning a birthday party and agrees to book, but upon arrival to the event, it is clear to us that the event is a wedding the customer will be liable for the outstanding cost to upgrade their service with immediate effect.


Fab Discos do not tolerate any abuse or threatening behaviour towards its employees in any circumstance, in the result of any threatening behaviour towards Fab Discos employees, Fab Discos have the right to shut down all equipment and leave the venue with full payment.


In very rare circumstances Fab Discos has the right to cancel a venue at any time due to vehicle mechanical failure, insufficient parking or adverse weather conditions. For example heavy snow or unforeseen circumstances that would be out of our control. 


In the unlikely event of a power failure, Fab Discos still require full payment that is outstanding as

Fab Discos cannot control electricity supplies.


From time to time Fab Discos run special or temporary offers for our customers to take advantage of.


Customers can only take advantage of a special or temporary offer while the offer is active.


Customers cannot add special or temporary offers after a quote have been accepted.


Fab Discos have the right to add or remove offers at any time.


All special or temporary offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Charity Events


Fab Discos likes to support local charity events but unfortunately, we are unable to provide our services for free.


Travel Charges


For all events that take place outside of Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK travel charges will apply.


You will be notified of these charges before you book and the charge will show on your invoice.

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